Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Upcoming Show in Oakland-- Local Preview Saturday!

Lisa and I will be participating in the up-coming Pro-Arts East Bay Open Studios in Oakland (first two weekends of June) and thought I'd post a little preview here. Several of these paintings still have a day or two of painting left, but should be mostly done by this Saturday
"So Good" 21"x28" sold
"Sunny-side Up" 19"x20" sold
"Party-Bot" 17"x23" sold
"Cherry Graffiti 2" 22"x15"
"Try Some Action" 21"x19" sold

In addition, I still have these paintings available-
"Lucky Lady" 28"x26"
"The Season Of The Old Me" 16"x22"
"Changes" 24"x20"
"When It Rains" 22"x29"
"(Sing Me) Spanish Techno" 43"x37"
"The Fox And The Hare" 48"x32"
"Portrait Of Rachel" 5'x6'.
And here's what the chaos looks like now. You may notice a few paintings that I didn't highlight-notably the one that sez "The Game Of Best Intentions". Hopefully that and another small-ish robot painting will be done in time for our opening on June 5th.


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